11/10/10 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
I didn't start paying attention to politics until I was in class at Presentation (my senior year), and we received the news that Kennedy had been assassinated. Then on to Lone Mountain where many classmates talked about joining the Peace Corps after graduation...all because of this special part of JFK's legacy.

Many years later, one of my St. Cecilia classmates shared photos (which I published in my Class of 1960 newsletter) of her father posing with both John and Bobby at some political gathering. I was quite impressed.

And, to be "fair and balanced," we must also remember the Spock character citing an "old Vulcan proverb" in the Star Trek movie, "The Undiscovered Country." Urging Captain Kirk to engage in peace negotiations with the Klingons, he intoned, "Only Nixon could go to China."
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