01/21/11 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
The very first political campaign volunteering I did was Kennedy 1960. I really thought my stuffing and hand addressing envelopes would elevate world civilization. (I guess it did, after all, in a tiny way.)

As I see it: The torch has been dropped.

It is up to us, as tired and disillusioned as we may be, to pick it up and continue. As we shuffle and even crawl on, we may be noticed, and even inspire.

I was saddened by the recent death of Sargent Schriver. He put aside his own ambition, his own dreams, to put the needs of others first.

I have spent the last few years doing very tiny things, too small to be noticed--but combined with other people doing the same things, we can accomplish something. When some little deed is needed to help others, I do not hesitate. Drop a pebble into a pond, and see how it ripples out. I may live to be over 100. That's many years to contribute toward a better world. (The best compliment I ever heard was, "Liberals are always trying to make the world a better place." I guess that makes me a Liberal, and proud to be one.) I may be broke (I prefer "independently destitute"), but I can still volunteer, be kind to others, and continue to believe I CAN make the world a better place.

Truly, "The dream will never die," so long as we believe AND do our part to keep progressing toward a better world.

Do not despair.

The current situation is a bump/pothole which we shall overcome--two years is not long, if we begin now.

If the next generation is not ready, then let us continue. We can, and shall, light the way, until they are ready.

It is now time to begin again, no, continue, toward the goals we still believe in!


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