01/22/11 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Frank, you made me remember last Sunday evening's Minds over Matter in which one of the questions was:
Which musician made two performances fifty years apart. The answer was Pablo Casals who performed for President Theodore Roosevelt who succeeded the assinated President McKinley and for President John Kennedy.

And JB, from 1947 when John F. Kennedy entered the House of Representatives succeeding the 'Purple Shamrock' James Michael Curley through this month when President Kennedy's nephew Patrick Kennedy retired from congress, we no longer have a Kennedy in office.

PS: Bringing this home to the outside lands: In the 1881 municipal elections, the voters of the 12th district [northwest portion of San Francisco bounded by what today we call Larkin Street, Market Street, Duboce Avenue, Frederick Street, and Lincoln Way and the waters of the ocean and Golden Gate Strait] elected John F. Kennedy.
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