04/22/11 - posted by Holt Macon
A number of months ago someone mentioned that there was a jukebox display for 30 years in someone's ground floor window at the corner of 48th and Noriega.

Every so often in the last few months I have mentioned this to people in the Sunset, Parkside and Richmond districts that I meet. Yesterday, I met someone who seemed to know a little bit about it. The owner was a guy named Alberto Garcia and he was a big collector of many rare jukeboxes some of which were worth over $50,000. He was so proud of his treasures that he displayed them in a private storage-like room which had a corner window and even left the light on all night long so people could see them.

Sometime about 10 or 15 years ago, he was riding his motorcycle and got in some kind of accident and was killed. I believe the person said it was around 38th Avenue. I think he said it was Moraga Street.

His surviving wife is very shy and she did not feel good about displaying these treasures so she closed the curtain on them.

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