06/07/11 - posted by Nick & Tanya
Just yesterday while roaming Ocean Beach and hoping to see the sunrise we came across a fantastic discovery. The wreck of an old wooden ship is lodged in the sand at Noriega. For something that has been in the sand for over a hundred years the timbers are remarkably preserved and definitely worth a visit.

There is something about seeing the wreck that reinspires a childhood fascination with adventure, shipwrecks, treasure, discovery and thrills of that nature. The reality is that we have a fascinating historical treasure in our midst that on ocassion is washed clear for some small window of time. To run across that in the early morning was pure magic. A reminder of our cities maritime past and of an era when tall ships came and went through a bridge-less Golden Gate. Somehow to witness it physically brings the reality of that history into a more realistic light.

Turns out the wreck in question was the "King Philip" a three masted Boston Clipper Ship built in the 1850s,she ran aground in the late 1870s after dislodging the anchor while the tug that had been towing her had left her at anchor to go on a rescue mission.

Yet another fascinating bit of our Outside Lands reality

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