07/19/11 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Although this does not directly hark back to the old WNP, I was still sad to hear on the national news that Borders is folding.

Before heading down for my St. Cecilia class reunion last year, I had emailed Lori Ungaretti and asked for suggestions on good bookstores to peruse. Among several stores (West Portal Books, and Green Apple on Clement St.), she recommended the Stonestown Borders because of this branch's excellent selection of San Francisco-related books, and especially the Arcadia book series. She was right. I enjoyed the store, the laid-back atmosphere, the helpful staff and the reasonable prices. I went away with a bagful of treasures. So, while I don't usually mourn the loss of a big chain of any kind, I will bid a fond good-bye to the Stonestown Borders.

Also, a question to my WNP experts out there: What stores were on the Borders' property during the old days of Stonestown? For the life of me, I cannot recall...

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