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This may seem a little "wierd", a St. Cecilian posting on the message board about the Holy Name of Jesus Parish, but a few of my best life-long friends attended Holy Name School and I wanted to find out a little more about the history of the Parish as it was/is yet another piece of Sunset District history. Here are a few "highlights":

Holy Name of Jesus parish was established in 1925.

The new parish boundaries - 30th Ave to the Pacific Ocean from Pacheco to Lincoln Way).

The first Pastor was Fr. Richard Ryan who moved from the Guerneville parish to build the new parish.

The first mass was held on October 26th, 1925 in a rented hall on 45th Ave & Kirkham St.

The first Church was built a year later (1926) on 38th Ave between Irving and Judah St.

Construction began on a new church and school on the corner of 40th Avenue & Lawton Street in 1940.

In September 1941, the new Holy Name of Jesus School student body consisted of 304 children, from Kindergarten through Seventh Grade.

In 1960 - 1964 plans were made and executed to aquire more property, move 3 houses from 39th Ave and one from Lawton St. to vacant lots on 44th Ave, move the rectory building across the street, and build the modern church building that remains to this day.

As I mentioned, these are only an outline of highlights and MUCH more information is available at:


and there are some photos at:


*NOTE* St. Cecilia's is still "the finest, the greatest, and the best" ...hahaha (no hate mail please)

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