10/11/11 - posted by jb
Given the sand castle topic was morphing towards the kitchen, I hope others will chime in with some of your favorite beach cuisine and smells.

Seems in the early 60's, 35 cents could buy you a hunk of salami and cheese along with a French roll, making a sandwich that could keep a kid's hunger at low tide for a long day at the beach. Girls were often generous with their good looks and cookies if you only momentarily stood in front of their sunshine, sand-covered and shivering like a salty dog with begging eyes, having braved the surf beyond the limits of hypothermia and common sense. Anyone with a cold soda became your best friend as a quick chug would wash the sand and surf from your mouth after "eating it" in the shore break.

Someone should create a fragrance intermingled with Baby Oil, sea salt, chocolate chips, Coca-cola and salami and call it 'Back to the Beach.' Well, maybe hold the salami.

Please join in and toss your own ingredients into the mix. We may not build a castle but the beauty of olfactory memories are their resilience to time and tide.

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