10/27/11 - posted by jb
Thanks, PJ--I thought the sole (soul) possessor of God's phone number was the man with the chicken-bone necklace in front of Woolworth's on Powell and Market, who would dial up and speak to God on your behalf, using a pink plastic toy phone.

P-Rose, I have a new system to track my meals. I check the front of my shirt, like counting dishes at a dim sum place. Today, was minced ham and scrabbled eggs, a dish I first fell in love with at Fosters on Mint Alley when I was a kid. Yes, I need to be in regression analysis.

All this chat in Latin reminds me of my father's favorite joke about a man trying to find a faith that suited him. After a few churches, his friend directs him to the local Catholic church and agrees to wait outside and discuss his reaction after Mass. About 15 minutes goes by and the man comes running out crying "this isn't a house of the lord, it is a casino."
His friend is stupefied and asks him to explain. "Well, some guy in the front yells out 'I can beat anybody here playing dominoes.' Then a guy up in the balcony yells back 'Oh no you can't beat anybody hear playing dominoes.' Then a bunch of guys in suits walk around collecting the bets."

Audaces fortuna iuvat,

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