11/03/11 - posted by Jan
Oh my goodness....! I remember those sugar cube vaccines! I have my polio card sitting out on a shelf with my H2 grade report card from Lafayette School (c. 1963) I also have two class pictures from 1960-61, which was Kindergarten with Mrs Hollaran and 1st grade 1961-62 with Mrs Alexander.

My report card from H2 in June of 1963 says I had a Mrs Eichmann (who I do not remember at all) and that our Principal was Mr Roy Minkler, who I loved! I was "VG" in Spelling, Social Studies/Science and Art, I was "S" in my first reader, oral expression, Music and PE; I needed Improvement in handwriting, written expression, and arithmatic. I improved to "S" in math by the end of the year, but everything else appears to stay the same! My Dad's comment on the back during the first reporting period says "Would you please give Jana additional arithmatic to bring home?" Figures...! That is about it for my school-age memoriblia.
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