01/13/03 - posted by Margaret Warren
Just discovered this website today!

All of the recollections brought back many memories. I grew up on 16th & Ulloa in the 1950's through mid-60's. My girlfriend's father was the chief engineer at the Stonestown Emporium so we went there frequently (the only thing better than the Stonestown Emporium roof rides at Christmas was the downtown Emporium roof rides). I remember Courting's Stationary Store, Chandler's and Leeds for dress/prom shoes, pizza slices in the area next to QFI, the City of Paris (I still have my credit card from them). I also remember when the underground health club was owned by Ray and Claire Stern (he was a body builder) and they did really tacky commercials on TV.

With regard to the Emporium Smoke Shop (which I seem to remember being located right inside the north entrance on the east side), a few years ago while cleaning out my old files from the late 60’s, I found one of my credit card receipts for a CARTON of Marlboro’s with a total price (including tax) of $3.78 (how times have changed!).

I also remember the privately run Jitney buses (little rattletrap orange mini-buses) that ran between Stonestown and Westlake Shopping Center – sometimes it was faster and safer to walk!

Probably after seeing future entries, it will bring even more memories to the surface.

I look forward to reading more.
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