02/07/04 - posted by lambone in auburn
The old stonestown shopping center was great! There was Hartfields on the corner and Byrons shoe store that served the coffee. I know I was only about 11 years old, but I would swing in the big basket chair and help myself to their coffee everyday after school. I did this with my friend, Hal and our little brothers. Then we would go into the Woolworths ? and buy candy from behind the bulk counter. We had so much fun walking that outside Mall. There was no J.Magnin there yet, and certainly no theater.
The flowerstand near the Chandler's shoe store brings back great memories, too.
I could go on and on....but, one final note. I, too, was a "Lisa Todd" for the Ray and Clare Stern Health spa. I was 16 years old at the time and I loved every minute of it. It taught me alot about fitness and nutrition at an early age.
Thanks Sterns!!
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