02/29/04 - posted by Gloria
Stonestown on a Friday night when you did not have a date was just the place to be..... Shopping for that perfect dress for a formal dance. I bought my first formal dress at The Emporium for $30.00. My mom thought that that was alot of money. I went to Lincoln and you could always find your friends at Stonestown.
Later I lived at Park Merced in a great garden apartment for $200.00 a month while attending San Francisco State. What are those going for now????
I left San Francisco in 1976 and I have regretted it much of my life. I took my children to San Francisco this Christmas and we visited Stonestown. What a change.....I always bought a slice of pizza and a coke for about 35 cents. A loaf of bread is over $3.00 now!!!
Stonestown held so many merories...roof rides at The Emporium, Woolworths, JM, the City of Paris. Places that will never be duplicated.
This is the first day that I have visited this website and it is a great walk down memory lane.....
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