06/24/09 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
Macy's purchased O'Connor & Moffat just after WW II.

I think the statiouery store WAS Courtings.

Chargaplate was replaced by plastical credit cards--one size fits all, impersonal, and as it turned out, not a change for the better.

Welcome, "S"! It certainly is an absolutely delightful surprise to discover this special treasure, isn't it?

I'm still shaking my head over last year ('08)' visit to Stonestown. Also, not changes for the better.

Those little, individually owned stores have become extinct, except in very tiny, all by themselves, off the the side towns--and the last will probably be out of business within the next ten years, max. The customer is often ignored and always wrong at the replacement mega one size fits none stores.

I have to stop typing now, wipe my eyes and blow my nose.

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