06/24/09 - posted by jb
Welcome, S.

Where DOES time go? Personally, I subscribe to the Chamber's Brothers theory; however, I'd like to half-believe Einstein and view every moment we’ve ever enjoyed, framed in some time-space continuum while the bummers have been jettisoned to a black hole near Modesto. I guess this website is as relatively close to Einstein as we’re likely to find, with the collective memories of many, each forming a brush stroke on a canvas stretched across a frame of generations; the simple comings and goings of people, places and objects.

At least that’s what they taught us in public school. I’m waiting to hear what our resident Jesuits and Jesuettes have to propose on this subject…perhaps "tempus fugit!"

You may only have a #2 pencil, 4 sheets of paper and slide-rule on your desk. You will have 30 minutes to complete; starting...now!

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