08/15/10 - posted by Steve S
I was a post war baby and spent the first six years of my life in SF. We went to the Baptist Church (Temple Baptist Church) right there on 19th Ave. directly in front of the Emporium. I remember mom taking me to the Big E to see Santa that first Christmas for the Emporium....1952. Somewhere is the photo taken of me sitting on Santa's knee then....and of course I remember ALL those rides on the roof of the Emporium that Christmas. I remember my big brother working for a Men's Store there in the mall...I wish I could remember the name of that store (brother died twelve years ago so I can't ask him)...the store was on the "back side" (furthest away from 19th Avenue) of the Mall, somewhere near Courting's Stationary. Does anyone remember that store's name? The last time I went to the mall, specifically the Emporium, was sometime in 1982 or 83. I can remember that like yesterday. By then I lived in San Mateo where we had an Emporium also. I loved going to THAT Emporium too....and alas, after years living in LA, upon my return to San Mateo in late 1993 I find out that "the big E" was coming down, I almost cried. Ah, the memories.
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