01/18/11 - posted by george
My dad George Argiris worked at Frazackerly Cadillac in the 60's. I remember shopping with mom at Stonestown and then crossing over to visit dad at the dealership. Then sometimes go back across the street to the corner diner for a malt that came in those tall metal mixing cups from the blender, and they acually left it there for you to finish because it would make more then the classic milkshake glass would hold. It was special for me to go and see dad at work. I still have all the Cadillac stuff that he got from them, tie clips, money clips,cuff links, photo's of the cars, etc. Dad passed away when I was 12. It will always be Cadillac to me no matter what they put in there. Re: Stonestown Memories from the 1960's & 1970's Mary 1355856646 0 Does anyone remember the Dollhouse Restaurant that was next to the Emporium?
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