01/23/12 - posted by Shirley Krohn
1913 SF Chronicle article on Sunset homes link appears on the Home Page for this website. I have accessed this article several times in the past, especially as it features a home I lived in on 42nd Avenue between Lincoln & Irving. My husband and I purchased this home (last house on the right in the photo) in the late 70's and sold it in 1985 due to my being relocated by my company. But that's not the story. As many of you know, cable services were not available in the outer Sunset for many years. So we found the perfect solution. We purchased a satellite dish. Yes, a 12 foot wide dish!!! It practically took over the entire back yard. But we ordered one in black thinking this would shield it a little from neighbors. Wrong! This massive device enabled us to see just about any program that was available during this time. Looking back now, I can hardly refrain from LMAO at our nerve in having this monster installed. I don't know if the new owners kept it or not. But it was definately a eyesore and monster object in the outer Sunset!
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