03/02/12 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
Frank, I don't know what the hours are, or what is now available, but SF City College's hotel and restaurant program offered breakfast, lunch, and coffee break when I was there back in the 60s. Also, there usually were interesting conversations with anyone(s) who happened to sit across/beside me. I don't like most breakfast food, but I liked their waffles. I remember others eatting scrambled eggs; there were other choices as well. Anyone could walk in and eat, no student body card required. The prices were fair. The coffee wasn't too bad. It did resemble a Mannings, it was self serve: walk up to the counter, order, take your food, pick your table. I don't know what time they open up, as I usually was there no earlier than 9, or later than 1, depending upon my schedule.

I knew Foster's and Blums were long gone. (Foster's for coffee breaks, sometimes lunch, when I was working. Blum's for the wonderful sodas, sundaes, cakes, and even lady-like lunches back when calories didn't matter to an underweight me back then.) It was right here on this site that I learned Zim's had been defeated by inferior fast food competition. Soooooh...I hope SF City College is still serving up the breakfast, lunch, snack, and coffee break food I remember...and maybe, if time permits on my next visit, I can enjoy at least one more meal.

Back in 2008, I did have coffee and nice pastry at a place at the end of the N line, at 48 & Judah. I don't know what time they open, or if they serve a traditional hefty breakfast.

As employment rejection letters used to say (those are obsolete also), "Good Luck in your search"!
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