03/17/12 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
Right back at ya, Norm!
In a household consisting of Hennessys and Quinns, what else would be on the St. Paddy's Day table but corned beef and cabbage? I hated the cabbage and barely tolerated the corned beef. However, I kept that opinion to myself because I would have been roundly castigated as a blasphemer!

We also had lovely Irish Soda Bread - a recipe handed down from the maternal grandparents. And dinner was topped off with Grasshoppers (made from creme de menthe and something else - can't recall). Not because it was a traditional Irish drink, by any means, but because it was green! I was always allowed one sip, and it made me feel quite grown up!

If we had company for the special dinner, adults were served pre-dinner cocktails made with Hennessy 4-Star whiskey. Nothing else would do.

Erin go bragh!!!
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