03/18/12 - posted by jb
Thanks Norm and same to you and your clan. Shortcake and I just polished off some corned beef and Brussels sprouts (cabbage for wee folk) and boiled potatoes which tomorrow, will be turned into corned-beef hash for breakfast. The house smells nicely of spices and the sticky toffee pudding is warming in the oven while the coffee brews. I'm about to wash the fat from me gob with a taste of Middleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey. If you've not tried this, I am convinced it is what God drinks and I ration it carefully, the current bottle being from 2007.

So here's a toast to all of you.

PS: JQ...a Grasshopper is creme de menthe, creme de caoco and cream. It was my mom's favorite drink.
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