03/19/12 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Pete Finnegan is alive and well. He lost that 1971 race finishing seventh with the top six winning. That year James Mailliard declined to run for reelection so there would only be five incumbents running. Only incumbent Mike Driscoll would lose. His granddaughter, Micaela Alioto-Pier recently retired from the board of supervisors. The two newcomers were John Leonard Molinari [Lowell class of June, 1953] and Quentin L. Kopp who went to high school in New York. Pete ran for and was elected to the board of the San Francisco Community College District in 1972 and was reelected in 1976. He again ran unsuccessfully for the board of supervisors in 1980 [first post district election for the board] so retired from the community college district. He is married to Natalie Berg who is now a member of the board of the San Francisco Community College District. Natalie is the only woman ever to succeed her husband in office while the husband remained alive in contrast to Florence Kahn and Sala Burton. Pete is still around and I see him from time to time.

Jeff Masonek ran to the extent that family money could provide. He was an earnest fellow whom I though would continue in local affairs but he's disappeared from the scene.
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