04/20/12 - posted by Nick & Tanya
On a recent deli and coffee trip to the Richmond( Seakor Deli is AMAZING) with my dad we were recounting the glory days of the Alexandria Theater. My dad had experienced it in the early 60s when he lived on 4th and Clement. An eternal movie buff, he was a regular patron of the Alexandria and the Colosseum on Clement. I had been an Alexandria patron in the 1980s and 90s and had many memorable outing there as well. My love affair started in 1981 when my dad took me there for the first time to see "the Cannonball Run". After always going to Stoenstown or the Empire the main theater at the Alexandria seemed EPIC to my 10 year old eyes.

On a happy note my dad being the eternal optimist told me he had read somewhere that the Alexandria was slated for RESTORATION but I have found nothing in writing. Last I heard they wanted to gut it for a gym. Is this restoratin rumor true? Or is it just one of those "feel good" rumors designed to warm the heart and give some hope for a few seconds?
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