05/31/12 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Wow, Frank, your comment gave me a couple of thoughts. On May 16, the Irish-American Democratic Club awarded its JFK Legacy award to Dairmuid Philpott. It was a wonderful evening full of good cheer and memorable comments. I was especially moved when Derry spoke of Senator David Broderick.

The reference to the 'Kennedy Girls' flashing Stonestown made me think about our city's chief of protocol, Charlotte Mailliard Schultz. When Charlotte Smith came here from Texas in 1963, she was looking to volunteer for a good Democratic candidate. She joined the campaign of Congressman John F. Shelley for mayor. In those wonderful days, each campaign had a "woman's auxiliary" and the Shelley for Mayor campaign created the 'Shelley Girls' as a run up from the 'Kelly Girls.' [In these better days, instead of a "woman's auxiliary" many campaigns have a woman candidate!] She got to know Jack Shelley's finance chairman, Jack Mailliard during the campaign and they were together the rest of Jack's life. Those were the days when the brother of San Francisco Republican Congressman Bill Mailliard would be the finance chair of San Francisco's Democratic Congressman Shelley. Such pairing today is unimaginable!
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