07/04/12 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
Yes, I believe there were two Ns in Hermann's!

As a recovering know it all expert, I did not want to bring it up, and appear to be just like that horrible elderly Lowell English teacher I occasionally mention.

Especially if I were wrong...that would be the second time this year, and it's only July...thus satisfying those who do not believe I know what I'm talking (writting?) about anyway...

To combine this topic with what we would include in our specially designed home real estate areas: I claim first dibbs on HermanN's, but all of you it may have life long free potato salad privileges there, as soon as I have the official cards printed and snail mailed out.

Their sandwiches were worth the trip, also.

As Frank Dunnigan, and others have mentioned, so many wonderful local places to enjoy--not just eat--unique meals are gone forever. Next time I'm down, I might as well be sure where I stay has a microwave and a refrigerator. Bagged salad, some allegedly local French bread, a box of California wine, and Healthy Choice, Lean Cousine, and Budget Gourmet, will keep me from starving, as well as from paying thru the nose for what are probably micro meals anyway.

R.I.P, Hermann's...and Zim's...and Blum's...and Red Roof...and--sniff, sob--sorry, I can't continue--boo hoo, whahhh!
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