06/28/12 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
Quite amusing (to me) event this evening:

My Presbyterian Church had an event this evening which was 95% picnic food...in the church hall. As I passed thru the chow line, I asked if the potato salad had eggs. "WHAT?!" asked a dedicated, faithful, and humorless, fellow church lady. It was very noisy (everyone speaks louder and louder and LOUDER as the noise level rises). I raised my voice--if you can't hear me, it is absolutely, positively, time to invest in a decent hearing aid--"ARE THERE EGGS IN THE POTATO SALAD!!!???!?!?" She gave me that (we all know and recognize) humorless stare, and replied, "It's potato salad! Why WOULDN'T it have eggs!" with an added glare. And, I looked down my nose, curled my lip, and replied, "German potato salad doesn't...AND NEITHER DOES SAN FRANCISCO POTATO SALAD!!!!!!" It was impossible for anyone to hear me sniff with all the noise, but I looked at the alleged potato salad, jerked MY head disapprovingly, and moved on.

I hate eggs. The smell of eggs cooking makes me sick. For many years, my well meaning parents, in the interest of 1940s and 1950s recommended good, allegedly healthy foods, did their best to force eggs down my throat. I was so repulsed that even placing my fork on an egg caused me to gag; I simply could not swallow it.

I sure wish "San Francisco Potato Salad" was available everywhere. It would have been a delightful addition tonite. Those egg loving idiots have no idea what they missed!

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