06/29/12 - posted by W.M.
Apparently there is a packaged potato salad called, "Will's San Francisco Potato Salad" that reportedly closely resembles Herman's. In searching a little further I found that this is (or was) sold at some Costco locations as well as at Sprouts Markets (locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas). It appears that Sprouts has a location in Sunnyvale on El Camino Real and one is opening soon in Walnut Creek. The product is distributed by Will's Fresh Foods in San Leandro. Here in Phoenix there are a few Sprouts locations and I am certainly going to check them out.

I also consulted my copy of a book titled, "A Cooks Tour of San Francisco" in hopes it would provide the original recipe or at least a clue, but the only potato salad recipe is from Omar Khayyam's on O'Farrell St. Their recipe although different (with eggs, onion, and pimentos) has an interesting similarity with the proposed Herman's recipe posted on the link Frank provided. It calls for the same marinating the cooked/sliced potatoes in 1/4 cup of white vinegar "for a few minutes while preparing the other sauce ingredients"...easily could mean about 10 minutes. So I think the recipe poster really hit on something in figuring this step out.

And sorry, but the cookbook doesn't have any of the other recipes for the BBQ sauce, or the chili verde...but I did look.
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