06/30/12 - posted by jb
Hi Dave,

Great gastronomic scavenger hunt. I dined at Tad's with my pal, Larry Sullivan, many, many times in the early 60's when the meal was $1.29 and it was right next to a nice magazine arcade that let us read the nudies for hours. Quite a delight for 14 y/o gents, but I digress.

Seems to me that Tad's dressing was bleu cheese and the Roquefort dressing of fame was at Bernstein's which was just down the street. Or do I have it bass-ackwards?

Nowadays bleu cheese has a longer pedigree than our dogs but somehow never tastes quite as good as it did in the good ol days. I did have one at Rosy's at the Beach in Morgan Hill the other night that is maybe worth the drive. Simple iceberg wedge and dressing and it tasted like the 1960's.

Gotta run...I hear my parents talking.

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