07/10/12 - posted by W.M.
Since first coming here about 4 years ago, I've read many stories and recollections of the places we liked to go for fun, where we shopped and ate, playing in public parks and in the street, where we could go for free, where we watched movies every Saturday...and so much more. I have learned a great deal from these stories as well as reaffirmed memories of my own and shared them here. So much is gone or has drastically changed since "our time(s)" of growing up in the Western Neighborhoods and I can't help but wonder what will the memories of the neighborhood's children who are currently "growing up" in our old houses be?

Today's new generation of Outsidelanders may be totally unaware that there was ever Playland at the Beach, Sutro Baths, Fleishhacker Pool, no STOP signs on the Great Highway, a real locomotive and cable car to play on at the Zoo, a fighter jet at Larsen Park for us kids to play on, etc. They may not know that many of their houses once had lawns and hedges in front and that laundry was often dried on a clothesline (mounted with "sqeaky" pullies) that stretched across the backyard. They may not have a local delicatessen to get a great meatball sandwich or some real SF potato salad. (of course I could go on, but I won't)

So what do you think that today's new generation does have that would elicit fond memories of "the old neighborhood" when it comes time for them to reflect on their growing up period? Granted there will probably always be Fog, Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park, and SF Zoo. Probably at least some of the City parks/playgrounds would still be around also, but playground equipment is one of those things that has changed so drastically. On any of my visits back to The City over the last dozen years or so, I don't recall seeing kid's playing on the street or even in any of the old playgrounds I drove by. Also I did not see people outside their houses visiting with neighbors, trimming hedges, or mowing/watering any of the lawns that still existed. Do you think that people even know many of their neighbors like we used to? I can probably easily still name at least 50 or so (parents and kids) and we were friends with them all.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you perceive what the memories of the future (say 40 - 50 years from now) may be like.
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