The Hungry Mouth & Mid Geary Resturants in the 80's

03/10/13 - posted by Tom - swm_insf<at>

The Hungry Mouth (not the recent novel) was a resturant at 1 Clement Street associated with the Walt Baptieste Yoga Center at Agruello and Clement.

I had my first date with my fiance there in the early 1980's. The place closed many years ago...

Does anyone know if Walt is still alive? He would be very senior in age, and if I recall correctly they moved their yoga center to South America in the mid/late 1980s?

The place had good food at reasonable prices in fit in well with the mood of the times.


There was an Asian owned European theme resturant also long gone near 25th? & Geary (it was just east of the little parking lot on the north side of Geary) next to what was a Baskin Robbins if I recall correctly or possibly an Arby's both long gone...

Does anyone recall the name of European place, and when it closed down?

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