• 05/24/13 Mr. - posted by Robert Medina

05/24/13 - posted by Robert Medina
I went to Sheridan Elementary School in the 1954-1955 years. This was a beautiful school. I remember everything about it. I remember our teacher Ms. Brady conducting a "Red Alert" test. We had to get under our desk and cover our face. I transfered to Saint Michaels 1955. We lived on Lobos between Orizaba and Capitol. In 1957 we had an earthquake which did damage to Sheridan. I remember walking home and having an after shock and the rumbling under my feet. That scared the ***** out of me. We moved to Daly City in 1960. Those days I will never forget. I give praise to the principal at Sheridan the late Ina Cokley.

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