11/06/13 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut

This is exactly what I meant with my previous comments. If a young couple, with only *one* child, wants to visit *anything* in GG Park (forget most of a day seeing *everything* within that special area), the cost is unbelievable--and unaffordable for many!

The elite rule.

I would not want to use a certain term anywhere, let alone here, but I am soooh tempted.

It is challenging to be able to afford *anything* cultural, scientific, educational, or even fun. It can be occasionally be done; on an almost nonexistent income I do manage a few free, donation, special senior rate, and just plain luck, events, but it takes research and planning. I do regret that the days of just walking in and finding so much available are gone forever.

Thanks again, tax reformers. I notice that so many of you took every tax break, government subsidy (what my late husband called "corporate welfare), and now that you have yours, to hell with the freeloading disadvantaged five year olds who just won't get a job and pay their own ways.

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