11/07/13 - posted by W.M.
And let's not forget the added $5 surcharge to the general admission ticket prices if you go during their "peak periods" which seem to more or less coincide with school holiday "vacations" such as Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years, Spring break, Easter, etc....unbelievable.

I hope they at LEAST stamp your hand or put a bracelet on your wrist that allows you to re-enter should you need to leave the building for a while...

It really "kills" me to have to say anything negative about a place that I visited and loved so often (free of charge) when growing up. But as Frank so rightly points out some of the changes over the last few decades in San Francisco, the one common denominator (in my mind) seems to be greedy in nature. So, while I will not likely ever pay the $29.95 admission fee to visit the new Aquarium whenever I return to The City again, I will just add a nickel to that amount to renew my WNP membership next year so I can continue to re-visit my neighborhood(s) as I remember them, all year long...

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