10/28/13 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut
But seriously, folks (kaboom!):

I can remember walking down, across, and over to the complex, back when we lived 1/2 block away from GG Park for the first seven years we lived in The City.

Then (and as time circles back, now), I had very little entertainment $$$$, and enjoyed what was available for free. I absorbed what was available: Science, Fine Art, as well as music at the bandstand in the middle of the complex. (At least three, and often four, hours of assorted music, from early century popular to classics and even some rare "contemporary" from about 1935). I learned while having a great time.

Then: Along came tax reform.

Too bad...if you are a kid lucky enough to have two parents who are working two or more minimum wage jobs, it is impossible for you to be taken to even one place, let alone all, on their pay, even if they had the time from their exhausting, unending work.

Thanks, tax reformers, for preventing a free ride for most. No entitlement. Pay your own way, lazy five year olds!

Going back to the 1950s and 1960s: Thanks to the unselfish taxpayers, for providing this forever grateful former kid for the hours of learning and enjoyment.

I appreciate the information. I previously didn't know much about the Steinharts. I guess they didn't know/think about lazy, disadvantaged five year old freeloaders who need to get a job and pay their own ways!

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