10/28/13 - posted by Mary-Ann
I'm remembering the old aquarium with the 'moat' with - I don't know if they were crocodiles or alligators = but I never saw them move and was never sure if they were real or not. Was there ever any water in that 'moat'? I loved the place inside - it was mesmerizing with the dark 'tunnels' as I thought of them, and the big 'windows' and the constant movement inside those windows. I had to be pulled away from each one.

I felt the same way about the museum of natural history with all the scenes of stuffed animals throughout. Fascinating places.

And yes, it was a real treat if the band concert was going on or if we went to the Japanese tea garden while we were at the park, too. Mom would not let me try to climb that big round bridge, though, no matter how I much I begged.
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