11/19/13 - posted by Jo Anne Q
It is not the same as when our grandparents or parents went to war in the I and II scenes. Neither, in the end, could be avoided.
If there are some who disagree...well, I do not care.
I deeply honor my beloved male relatives who responded to The Call in I and II.
Down the road, I feel badly for those who had to personally endure the "police action" of the Korean "Conflict."
I grieve for my Vietnam Vets (including relatives and friends of mine) who went through an entirely different experience - mostly being smashed in the face with the scorn of the non-military population - both abroad and at home. No parades for them!!
Bottom Line: When is "war" going to be something that becomes an unacceptable thing?
Not in my lifetime, I am QUITE sure...
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