11/11/13 - posted by W.M.
A very heart-warming story Frank. It encompasses both military aspects as well as the life-work of a selfless, generous man. To think that someone kept giving throughout his life while having to overcome so many of his own obstacles just to help others and do his part in providing enjoyment through simple acts of kindness is a perfect story to honor our veterans today, and to give thanks during our upcoming day set aside to normally do so is very fitting for November's Streetwise.

For those who haven't yet read this "must read" article, here is the link to it:


Also, when you mention Ray's "memory recall" as he shared his tales about Playland and concerts at the Music Concourse from years before, I am beginning to understand that the "detailed memory" seems to be a family trait...as your details in your articles as well as postings here on the message board never cease to amaze me. I think this Streetwise is one of your best, Frank, and will undoubtedly re-read it a couple more times during this month of giving thanks.
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