12/01/13 - posted by Frank Grant
The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. This was a defining moment for those who were alive at that time, especially those who were in the Outsidelands. It was a scary place and we really felt we were at war.

It seemed like a war zone in this area. The air raid sirens sounded the night of December 8th and no one knew if it was the real thing or not. Fortunately it was a test to see if the population was ready. Army convoys were soon traveling on 19th Avenue almost not stop. Troops were stationed at various places in the area near the ocean. There was a huge anti-aircraft weapon located on 19th Avenue, near where Brotherhood Way is today. The Polo Grounds in Golden Gate Park was a major staging area for troops being deployed to the South Pacific. Also the huge weapons at Fort Funston were fired frequently and no one knew if we were being attacked.

The entire western part of San Francisco was in a brown out situation and no one was to have any lights shining toward the ocean. Also, all the street lights were painted black facing west. One could only drive their car with parking lights or the top half of the headlights painted black. Needless to say, it was very dangerous driving in this area.

One of the few places of entertainment in this area was Playland at the Beach. Military people being deployed to the South Pacific frequented this place. All the lights facing the ocean were blacked out. As the war dragged on one would often see war wounded trying to enjoy themselves at this place.

Please join me in flying your American flag on Pearl Harbor Day.
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