03/07/04 - posted by Gabrielle
I have reading messages on this site for awhile. As a native, who grew up in the sunset I love them.

Alot has been disscused about Mr. Rosenblatt. I had him for 3 years at Giannini, and although I understand the temper tantrums, et al. I thought he was a terrific orchestra teacher.

He was passionate about what he was teaching, but unfortuntely he was "preaching" to a bunch of teens and pre-teens. And as we all know the worst years of growing up are in what they now call middle school.

I suppose as an actress today, having been in the business for over 20 years I understand and am used to the tantrum aspect.

Actually one of the better teachers I had a Giannini, I won't dare to name the names of the worst!

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