03/12/04 - posted by John Paul
I totally disagree with you when you say you find Rosenblatt's tantrum's understandable. I don't. Yes, teachers are only human and they can have their bad moods as many of my teachers had. They can be angry as many of my teachers have been. But to have a tantrum and be completely out of control is just inexcusable.

If you really had Rosenblatt's music classes then you surely would have known about the many times he would throw his baton at someone. He was very lucky he never poked someone's eye out doing so.

As far as Rosenblatt being a terrific orchestra teacher, I don't think so. Ask yourself, what did he REALLY DO in class. You came to class and he made you play music. WOW, that really takes a lot of teaching skills. Ask yourself, could you have taught as well as him or better. I think you could have and I think I could have.

In the end, it wasn't even his temper tantrums or his teaching that made the difference in whether the class was good or bad. It was the stupid selection of music that everyone played over and over and over again. In three years the class only played 10 songs as though that was all the music there ever was in the entire universe. Come on. Please don't tell me that it was impossible for him to get more music and better music.

Rosenblatt not only looks like Sandy of the OC TV Show but also had a very outgoing personality somewhat like Sandy. As such a person he could be very likable especially to the women in the classes who he seemed to favor more than the men. And that is probably why you liked him.

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