05/09/14 - posted by Frank Dunnigan
Today’s Chron reports that the undertaking firm of Arthur J. Sullivan on Market Street is “under contract” with a developer to construct an apartment complex on the site. Owner Jim Sullivan confirms that the firm will remain operating there for a few more years. The same Chron article also reported that Flax’s art supplies, located at Market & Valencia for the past 37 years, is being ousted by yet another planned housing complex.


Even though Sullivan’s has been located on Market, between 15th & 16th Streets for the past 90 years, the family has long ties to the Western Neighborhoods—especially since Currivan’s on Irving Street and Hogan & Sullivan on 9th Avenue are no longer operating. Sullivan’s founder lived near the Kezar corner of Golden Gate Park in the 1920s, then his son Arthur, Jr., who lived on 23rd Avenue near Noriega, took over with his wife Catherine in the 1940s. Since 1983, the firm has been run by the third generation—brothers Arthur III who lives with his family in the Sunset and his brother Jim who lives with his family near West Portal. Seven years ago, Sullivan’s merged with Duggan’s of Westlake—who were long-time residents of Urbano Drive in Ingleside Terraces.

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