A.P. Giannini of the 60s

03/12/04 - posted by John Paul

The education we all had at A.P. Giannini in the 1960s was an average public school education for that time. The one thing that stood out above all else in that school was men's physical education. The classes were run like that of a boot camp. They made you do 20 minutes of calistenics at triple time at the beginning of every class. Then you had to run around the school before you could begin your regular baseball, basketball or other sport. Near the end of the gym class, you had to run around the school again. There were many times I felt like I couldn't go on and felt like throwing up or fainting. Sometimes I would take a breather only to have the gym teacher catch me and be in my face like a marine sergeant punishing me with even more calistenics because I had cheated and missed a few of the calistenics I was supposed to do.

Each week we rotated to a different sport activity but some weeks the sport activity consisted of running around the school the entire period every day. Other weeks, we would have to do circuit training in the gym all period long. It was often very miserable but I do admit that it kept most of us skinny and tough.

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