Re: A.P. Giannini of the 60s

03/13/04 - posted by rick

I can confirm the "boot camp" style gym classes at APG.
AT the beginning of each gym period we had to stand on
Assigned numbers that were painted on the playground floor.
IF the gym teachers (I had Mr. polich) saw you slacking off on the jumping jacks etc they would give you a harsh verbal dressing down.
I recall Mr. polich hitting a kid on the butt with his clipboard
so hard it broke in two.
The fat or out of shape kids were brought close to tears on many occasions.
The run around the school was known as the 440(one lap)or the 880 (two laps) and it was brutal.
When I started at Lincoln I was dismayed to find that Mr. polich had transferred there and I got stuck with him again.MR P was not a very nice man(and Iím keeping it polite).MAYBE they were getting us ready to go off to war in Vietnam.

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