Re: A.P. Giannini of the 60s

03/30/04 - posted by David A

Ferrando,Polich,Brillhart and Greenberg and then Negoesco.

All of them were sado-masochists but I loved the hassleing because it was alawy about some ponderous pachyderm or meatball or punk. Those guys(teachers) were in a tough spot. There were a lot of rougues in my class. Me for one although I was more of a wannabe. hahahahaha. They had to show who was boss or they would have been stampeded with bullshit.

I remember making a clipboard in Mr. Levy's woodshop class cause Ferrando asked me to and I thought it would improve my grade. I gave it to him and he called me out of the daily numbers lineup and cracked my ass with the freakin board just to see if it would break. Broke my heart as the whole class called me a suck-up after that. hahhaha

Fricking AP Gianinnicompoop...

How about Weanas (sp?) with the "PADDLE"....OOOOOOOoooh!

How about Con Maloney with the T-Square? or Gerkin...nasty old fart.

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