Steve Negoesco

05/16/04 - posted by rick

Speaking of teachers at giannini, one Iíll never forget Is Steve Negoesco who taught science and coached soccer.
He was a Romanian immigrant who believed in an old world
Approach to dealing with rowdy adolescents.
Negoesco often resorted to some sadistic physical Tactics to control his class.
Like the time he picked me off the ground by the hair around my ears, it hurt like hell but left no visible Injuries.
On another occasion Negoesco, who was usually armed with a thick wooden ruler, cracked this black kid named Jimmy miller on the butt and told him to hurry to class.
Well jimmy, who wasn't even in Negoesco's class and had really just been minding his own bussiness, walking down the hallway, got pissed.
My jaw dropped when this 13-year-old kid turned around
And called Negoesco a mother @&@$#%er and told him next time he would take the ruler and shove it up his you know what, I was stunned and impressed.
Some years later Negoesco became a very successful soccer couch for the USF dons, winning several championships.
The USF practice field off of Turk st is named in his honor
But whenever I drive by that sign and see the name I still have a negative reaction.

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