Re: Steve Negoesco

06/24/04 - posted by Matt

Per Barton's message, might be referring to Mr. Dawoodiak (sp ?). Grandpa Munster is a pretty close picture, but we all referred to him as Simon Bar Sinister (think "Underdog" cartoon...wild eyebrows, the works). Taught Social Studies at Giannini; his tests didn't allow for normal A/B/C/D responses, rather they had Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta; for true/false it was Tango and Foxtrot. Safe to say he had issues. Think I had him in the 7th grade, the same year I had Mr. Emig for Shop (may have been called Multi-Purpose then). A wonder I made it thru that year, with those two teachers....Emig had been at Giannini forever by the early-70's, and walked/talked/acted extremely slowly, almost not coherent. Of course, as a thirteen-year-old or whatever at the time, that was all the more opportunity to take advantage. One of my friends in the class (who's now a high-ranking officer @ SFPD) and I broke into Emig's office and took a bunch of finished projects he had probably done some twenty years earlier, turned them in as our work and got A's.

Other Giannini teachers that stand out are Mr. Heafy (also taught Social Studies); if he caught you sleeping in his class he'd wind-up and kick the bottom of the desk (which was attached to the chair) and cause some serious hurt. I also remember Negoesco's "old-school" tactics, previously mentioned in Rick's message. Johnnie Cochran would have a field day with these guys.

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