Re: A.P. Giannini of the 60s

03/14/04 - posted by John Paul

Mr. Polich was not even the worst of them. Mr. Dempsey and especially Mr. Casolagio were the worst of all.

The other thing I forgot to mention was that at the beginning of each school year in September, all the men from every class during the gym period (like about 200 people) were combined together in the gym for 6 weeks of hard core NONSTOP tortorous calisthenics for the entire gym period plus running around the school at the beginning and end of each class. Those classes for 6 weeks were all conducted inside the gym during some of the warmest days of the year with no air conditioning and they were absolutely miserable. And if anyone would dare to do something like bring a water bottle like they do today, they would have been konked on the head with them. I remember we were all very happy and relieved once those 6 weeks were over with.

The women were lucky and did not have to go through this misery as they were not under the jurisdiction of the men's system.

For some reason, I thought that every junior high school had the same system but when I asked some people at other schools if they went through this torture, they couldn't believe it. Giannini was the only nonmilitary junior high school in San Francisco and probably most of the state and nation that modeled PE after army bootcamp.

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