Re: A.P. Giannini of the 60s

03/02/05 - posted by Karyn Ann (Salisbury) Bosso

Does anybody remember Mr. Wyman Spalding - a fabulous and inspiring teacher of English and Drama? He was, by far, my ALL TIME FAVORITE teacher at APG!

I remember Mr. Landis the choir teacher - and I also remember that he had some "old world" physical tactics of keeping the rowdy boys in line. Scary! The first day of his class he would come down very hard on the boys who had taken the Vocal Music class (an elective) because they thought it was an easy out. He was not above slapping these guys around either. I took the class because I loved to sing - so all of this frightened me at the time.

Mrs. O'Donoughue (English) and Mrs. McDonnell (Remember the "New Math") - two nasty old hags who were jealous of anybody younger than themselves!!

And, yes, I remember Mr. Negoesco, although I never had him as a teacher. And, Mr Dawydiak, Miss Fusselman, Mrs. Klobucar (my favorite Spanish teacher). My homeroom was 107 - my homeroom teacher was Mr. Murphy and I sat in front of a kid named Albert Tordjman, who went on to become a rather famous chef!

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