Re: A.P. Giannini of the 50s

03/11/07 - posted by Gary Simmons

The legacy of APG's first year was the remembrance of "The Run." For some reason, the gym teachers loved to institute this as the final effort of the days class. The problem? The first two hundred yards were uphill through sand. By the time you reached 37th Ave. all the steam you had left, had left. And mentally, all you had left was the knowledge that if you came in last your class would be the last into the showers.
Then there was "Doc" Shepard who hated the term "Doc" and would punish anyone who used it to him, IF he caught them.
Great fun that first year Giannini was open. Con Dempsey as the baseball coach and we with no uniforms playing teams in full regalia. The soccer team had blue t-shirts with Giannini on them, and gym shorts. Bill VandeVender broke his wrist on the basketball court, Jeff Amos broke his thumb playing softball (in those days we didn't use mitts, it was bare handed softball), and Sam Rivera, unfortunately, drowned that summer between terms at Giannini and high school. Those were the days, my friend. Half the class went to Lincoln and the other half to Washington to become traditional enemies
Go Jaguars!

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