Re: A.P. Giannini of the 60s

03/15/04 - posted by Matt

While attending APG in the mid-seventies, many of the P.E. teachers referenced in this thread were still there, but were on the downside of their careers, and thus, a little more laid back. Con Dempsey, Tony Fernando and Mr. Ju (sp?) were the three gym teachers I can recall. Mr. Casolagio was by then a counselor and, among his other duties, worked with Rosenblatt (then Vice Principal) in corralling us wandering students to class after the bell had long-since gone off.

However, there was one memorable day around '73/'74 when Fernando and Casolagio came to blows. Guess something had been building since the days both were gym teachers. Needless to say, it was no contest....Fernando, being a former Golden Gloves champion, cleaned Casolagio's clock in record time. Was certainly something you didn't see everyday, two teachers squaring off.

Other than that, my memories of P.E. at Giannini are of running the "Eight-eighty", and those *&%#%@*! sand dunes that sapped your legs.

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